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Asylum means shelter

In Germany, there is a right of asylum. It can be applied for by all people who need shelter because they are persecuted in their home country.

There may be various causes for the persecution, eg. political or religious causes. There may as well be personal reasons which are connected to culture, sex, or family.

The persecutors are as different as are the reasons for persecution. Thus, persecution can emanate from the government, from other religious groups, from other tribe members, as well as from the family.

In general, persecution is meant in the sense of danger to somebody’s life. However, severe discrimination and limitation of a person’s liberty can also be considered as persecution.

In an asylum request it is assessed whether the experienced or feared persecution is severe enough for the applicant to be granted asylum. The asylum request is processed for any person who applies for asylum. Therefore it is very important to describe the personal reasons for the escape in the process of the asylum request.

Note: Although it may sound simple, the asylum request is a very complicated matter. In order to know their rights and duties in the asylum request and to benefit the chances of acknowledgement of the reasons for the escape, you should call on an advice center as early as possible.

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Application for asylum Approved – What’s next? Rejected – What’s next?